Our Club was established in February 2017. Our members love getting out in our old cars and enjoy socialising with likeminded people. We are keen to welcome new members to join us and look forward to making lifelong friendships and enjoying our common interest in old cars and machinery.

We generally have a run on the second weekend of the month (Saturday OR Sunday) and and sometime during the 4th week of the month. A General Meeting is held every two months at Valdora Community Hall. Please see our Events page for what's coming up.

To be eligible to join Maroochy Vehicle Owners Club Inc, we would like you to come along to one of our events and introduce yourself to members. This will give you some idea if our group is suitable for your needs. If you would like to join up, our Secretary will give you a Membership Application at the event or send an email and request an application. Ask a member to propose your application and another member to second the proposal. The application should then be handed to our Secretary or a member to be processed at the next Committee Meeting. This may sound onerous but it is really very easy and we are all very happy to assist.

Please Note! We do not accept applications from those who are only joining to obtain a Dating Certificate to support Concessional Registration. We are a small friendly group and would like our members to participate as much as possible in our Club.

Membership Fees are $15 per person per year plus a once off $20 joining fee which covers the Club's basic expenses.

All events are 'pay as you go' where necessary.

Before submitting your application please peruse our By-laws and Club Rules by clicking on this link.

Signing the application form confirms you agree to abide by these rules.